Mother Goose Suite by Maurice Ravel and arranged for Guitar Quartet by Glenn Caluda. Five movements, for intermediate guitarists. ($30.00)

Four Wedding Songs” for 2, 3 or 4 guitars are the standard versions that are often heard at weddings. The arrangements are intended for four players but will also work quite well for just two or three players. This edition is arranged so that, with the exception of Guitar 1, all players stay in first position. To make reading easier, each player plays only a single line: Guitarists 1 & 3 share a staff and Guitarists 2 & 4 share a staff. This also allows the arrangements to be played as duets or trios. ($15.00)

Happy Birthday, This arrangement of “Happy Birthday” for 2, 3 or 4 guitars is presented here with the statement of the tune and three variations. Each variation gets progressively more interesting with the third variation modulating from E to A and the fourth written in a jazz/swing style, returning to the key of E. The style of scoring used in this edition – putting the first and third guitars on the first staff and the second and fourth on the second staff – makes the music extremely versatile as it can be played as a quartet but also works very well as a trio or duo, for more advanced guitarists. ($5.00) 
Passages for Guitar Quartet or Ensemble by Guido Sanchez-Portuguez was composed for the 2019 Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A beautiful three movement work your ensemble is sure to enjoy. You may watch and listen to the performance on the 2019 MAGEF facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MidAmericaGuitarEnsembleFestival/videos/256086138632343/

The Golovin Music by Johan Helmich Roman, transcribed and arranged by Manley Mallard. 40 Quartets and 5 Duos of beautiful Baroque music (107 pages)

Concerto Grosso No. VI by Alessandro Scarlatti and arranged by Robert Trent

The Solo Lute Works of Ernst Gottlieb Baron                      

Baron Cover


Four Christmas Carols arranged by Mark Hayes