Musings on L’homme armé(French for “the armed man”) by Glenn Caluda, is a Burgundian School secular song from the time of the Late Middle Ages. In the Dorian mode, it was a very popular tune that has been used for medieval through modern musical settings. In this setting it is used as the theme in all three movements, sometimes plainly recognizable while at other times hidden or mutated. Both guitars share equal responsibility and interest. 16 pages of score, 8 pages per part. ($25.00)[wpecpp id=4220]

Five Pieces for Cello and Guitar by Soffren Degen and transcribed by Manley Mallard. One of Degen’s greatest contribution to the guitar repertoire is to be found in his beautiful yet unusual compositions for cello and guitar. These five pieces are Romantic style concert works. Intermediate to advanced difficulty. 29 pages of score, 13 pages each part ($35.00) [wpecpp id=4003]

Symphony No. 94 by Joseph Haydn, arranged by Adam and John Kossler. Haydn wrote the symphony, also know as the Surprise Symphony, in 1791 in London for a concert series he gave during the first of his visits to England (1791–1792). The premiere took place at the Hanover Square Rooms in London on March 23, 1792, with Haydn leading the orchestra seated at a fortepiano. Intermediate to advanced. ($37.00) [wpecpp id=3985]

Five Pieces for Flute and Guitar by Thomas Tudek. ($17.00) Five Pieces is a collection of miniatures for flute and guitar composed for advanced performers. The 5 brief movements contain diverse and varied musical ideas with a host of extended techniques implemented throughout with an approximate performance time of around 8 minutes.[wpecpp id=”3765″ align=”right”]

Lament and Chant for Guitar Duo by Glenn Caluda ($20.00)[wpecpp id=”3279″ align=”right”]

In memory of the victims and heroes of our war torn world Lament and Chant is based on the Gregorian chant “Lux Eterna” from the Requiem Mass (for the dead) combined with a non related Lament. All motives are derived from these two themes.

An overall feeling of reverence is pervasive until the music approaches the section depicting the chaos of war, temporarily interrupted by the Chant, then resuming the chaos. Distant bells usher in the return of the pure chant which slows and then fades.


Clock Sonata by Joseph Haydn, arranged for Guitar Duo by Joseph Mayes ($25.00)[wpecpp id=”3125″ align=”right”]



Trois Fantaisies ou Caprices Op. 16 by Felix Mendelssohn arranged for Guitar Duo by John Kossler ($28.00)[wpecpp id=”3033″ align=”right”]


Dance Macabre by Camille St. Saens, arranged fro Guitar Duo by Adam Kossler ($27.00)[wpecpp id=”3016″ align=”right”]



Sonata No. 1 in G Major by Johann Baptist Wendeling, for Flute and Guitar arranged by John Arnold ($16.00)[wpecpp id=”2687″ align=”right”]


Requiem for Opa for Clarinet and Guitar by Anita Thomas and arranged by Anita Thomas and Candice Mowbry($10.00)[wpecpp id=”2681″ align=”right”]


Pastorale by Giuseppe Tartini arranged for Violin and Guitar by Joe Hagedorn ($15.00)[wpecpp id=”2676″ align=”right”]


Sonata Op. 2, No. 10 by Pietro Locatelli arranged for Fute and Guitar by Joseph Hagedorn ($17.00)[wpecpp id=”2698″ align=”right”]


Regrets, Tears and Blarney for Flute and Guitar by Glenn Caluda

Regrets, Tears, and Blarney is a setting of three traditional tunes from the British Isles for flute and guitar. It was commissioned by, and dedicated to Two Part Invention (Nora Suggs – flute and John Arnold – guitar). ($16.00)[wpecpp id=”2633″ align=”right”]



El Noi De La Mare

El Noi De La Mare arranged for Flute and Guitar by Glenn Caluda ($10.00)[wpecpp name=”El Noi De La Mare” price=”10.00″ align=”right”]

El Noi de la Mare (The Child of the Mother) is a traditional Catalan Christmas Song. This is a beautiful arrangement for a recital or Christmas celebration. Medium difficulty.


Three Konnakol Etudes for Two Guitars or Flute and Guitar by Keith Calmes ($10.00)[wpecpp id=”2406″ align=”right”]

These three duets are influenced by South Indian (Carnatic) rhythms and Jazz harmonies. South Indian musicians learn rhythms through verbalizing a system known as Konnakol. It is an excellent way to execute complex rhythms and polyrhythms.

Divertimento small

Divertimento in D Major by Joseph Haydn and arranged by Joseph Mayes ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Divertimento” price=”15.00″ align=”right”]

This three-movement work is a well-known recital piece for ‘cellists and is a quite an effective guitar chamber music piece with flute, violin or mandolin. The range of difficulty for the guitar is moderate


Duetten Op. 51 for two guitars or guitar and piano by Johann Kaspar Mertz, transcribed and edited by Manley Mallard ($20.00)[wpecpp name=”Duetten Op. 51″ price=”20.00″ align=”right”]

This duo is based on themes from the opera Alessandro Stradella (1844) by Friedrich Flotow (1812-1883), one of Flotow’s most successful works. Alessandro Stradella (1644-1682), was one of the leading composers of Italy in his day and lead a colorful yet precarious lifestyle. The piano part is edited by Dr. Beth Caluda. A fun and challenging work of about eight minutes long which is of intermediate to advanced in difficulty.


Pot-Pourri Op. 53 for Guitar and Piano by J. N. Hummel transcribed and edited by Manley Mallard ($20.00)[wpecpp name=”Pot-Pourri Op. 53″ price=”20.00″ align=”right”]

Hummel’s Potpourri, for Piano and Guitar, Op. 53 contains themes from popular operas by Grétry, Boieldieu, Spontini, Paisiello and Mozart’s,Don Giovanni. Intermediate to advance.



We Gather Together arranged for guitar and organ by Glenn Caluda ($8.00)[wpecpp name=”We Gather Together guitar and organ” price=”8.00″ align=”right”]

This setting of the traditional Thanksgiving hymn We Gather Together for guitar and keyboard (piano or organ) is suitable for Church, recital, or home. Its theme and three variations start simply and build to a dramatic finale. Easy to medium.


Funeral March of a Marionette by Charles Gounod and arranged for Guitar Duo by Glenn Caluda ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Funeral March of a Marionette” price=”$15.00″ align=”right”]

Gounod originally composed the Funeral March for solo piano but later orchestrated it. It is most well known as the theme from the Alfred Hitchcock television show. Medium to advanced.

Morning Star, Variations on a Moravian Hymn by Francis Florentine Hagen and arranged for Flute and Guitar by John Arnold. ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Morning Star Variations” price=”$15.00″ align=”right”]