Concerto Grosso No. VI by Alessandro Scarlatti arranged for Guitar Ensemble by Robert Trent

The “Six Concertos in Seven parts for two Violins and Violoncello Obligato with two more Violins, a Tenor and Thorough Bass, Compos’d by Sigr Alexander Scarlatti”, as they were first called, were published in London under the above title by Benjamin Cooke in 1740. The piece translates to guitar orchestra very well, the original key being in E major. Optional parts for both Alto guitars (used in the Concertino) and for Six-stringed Contrabass guitar are included in this edition for guitar orchestra, for those ensembles who have those instruments. I am indebted to Daniel Corr for providing the original score. Enjoy this rare Baroque Concerto Grosso by Alessandro Scarlatti. ($30.00)[wpecpp id=”3456″ align=”right”]


Vocalise by Sergei Rachmaninoff, arranged for Guitar Quartet with voice or solo instrument by Glenn Caluda. Includes soprano and contrabass guitar parts. Intermediate difficulty ($25.00)[wpecpp id=”3141″ align=”right”]


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Guitars for Guitar Synth, Guitar Orchestra and Electric Bass By Dave Burdick ($25.00)[wpecpp name=”Guitars” price=”25.00″ align=”right”]

Written in a Minimalistic style, this large ensemble work is reminiscent of music by Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Composed in a slow funk groove, quarter = 84, this piece is sure please the students and audience alike. Guitars has been performed numerous times at The Mid America Guitar Ensemble Festival and was premiered at the St. Louis MAGEF in 1992. The guitar synth part may also be performed by flute or voice.


Dance Arabe by Peter I. Tchaikowsky, transcribed and arranged for five guitars by Manley Mallard ($10.00)[wpecpp name=”Dance Arabe” price=”10.00″ align=”right”]


Dance of The Reed Pipes by Peter I. Tchaikowsky, transcribed and arranged for four guitars and contrabass guitar by Manley Mallard ($10.00)[wpecpp name=”Dance of The Reed Pipes” price=”10.00″ align=”right”]


Little Fugue in G minor by J. S. Bach and arranged for Guitar Quartet with Soprano and Contra Bass guitar parts by Joseph Mayes and Glenn Caluda ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Little Fugue” price=”15.00″ align=”right”]


Romanza Rumba traditional Spanish melody arranged by Julie Goldberg ($12.00)[wpecpp name=”Romanza Rumba” price=”$12.00″ align=”right”]

Romanza Rumba is a latin take on the famous Spanish Romance by Anonymous. Although classical guitarist play the piece in a straight triple meter, flamenco and Latin-American players perform the piece with a syncopated Rumba rhythmic pattern. The repeated syncopated rhythm is the most challenging element of the piece. Beginning to Intermediate difficulty. 

Concerto in D Major, RV 93 by Antonio Vivaldi ($20.00) [wpecpp name=”Concerto in D RV 93″ price=”$20.00″ align=”right”]