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A Method for Learning Jazz Guitar by Manley Mallard, 260p. ($27.00) [wpecpp name=”A Method for Learning Jazz Guitar” price=”27.00″ align=”right”]

This text is primarily a technical manual and is aimed at providing the student with a firm understanding of jazz/popular harmony and improvisation. While many of the ideas in this text are not new, the scope and the way in which they are presented are. This method was written in an effort to develop a jazz guitar program that is applicable to a four year college student and should be used in conjunction with other music books e.g. Real Books or Fake Books etc.
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Concepts in Improvisation by Curt Warren ($17.00)[wpecpp name=”Concepts in Improvisation” price=”17.00″ align=”right”]

Music must have contrast or tension in order to maintain interest. Just as music needs tension, it must have a smooth release of this tension or resolution. This text deals primarily with the application of concept. There are quite a few names given to the scale that contains these tension notes. Some are the jazz melodic minor, the altered dominant, the diminished wholetone scale and the super locrian scale. This text will present ways to approach this scale as well as other scales i.e. diminished and wholetone and how to resolve these lines in a smooth, melodic manner. There are also numerous practice tips included. Be sure to not overlook these suggestions. Good luck in your search for deeper musical ideas.