Ladder of Light

Guitar Trio works by: Wesley Hixson, Georges Bizet, Fernando Bustamente, Ron Pearl, and Manuel De Falla. Performed by the Avanti Guitar Trio. ($15.00)


Solo Guitar works by: Luigi Legnani, Luys de Narvaez, John Dowland, Fernando For, Mauro Giuliani, Agustin Barrios, and Wesley Hixson. ($12.00). Performed by Wesley Hixson.

The Wizard – The Guitar Works of William Foden and his American Contemporaries. John Arnold, Classical Guitar (William Foden Special, model E from c. 1917, on loan from the C.F. Martin & Company Museum in Nazareth, PA.) Includes music by William Foden, Charles J. Dorn, Justin Holland, Albert J. Weidt, Edward R. Day, Vahdah Olcott-Bickford, Luis T. Romero and Charles De Janon. ($12.00)

Capital March by William Foden

Gavotte by William Foden

The Blonde Beauty by Albert J. Weidt