Four Brazilian Pieces for Guitar Solo by Octávio Deluchi. I describe these arrangements as elaborations because the movements are based on themes or musical genres with which I have been familiar since an early age and were part of my musical experiences during childhood. Brazilian music at it’s best. Intermediate difficulty. 14 pages of score ($13.00).

Pieces For Guitar Solo by Anna Inozemceva. 23 Beautiful intermediate guitar solos (55 pages). Includes traditional notation and tablature as well a 10 wonderful impressionistic paintings by Evgeniy Ponomarenko. Anna is a member of The Russian Guitar Quartet as well as a prize winning soloist. “Autumn Etude”, included in this collection was awarded with the II prize at XII International Competition for the Best Guitar Miniature and Arrangement of Folk Music for Children’s Music Schools. These compositions were recorded in 2019 on a CD entitled, “From Nowhere To Nowhere”, which is available from iTunes. ($36.00)

Planctus by Steve Vazquez for Solo Guitar.  Was composed as a lament not for one person, but for many. It was born during a time in my life when I was experiencing the passing of many family members, friends, colleagues and even students. Advanced level, 12 pages. ($13.00)

6 Divertimenti by John Arnold and Manley Mallard for Solo Guitar. 3 original works by each composer. A divertimento is generally characterized as a lighthearted piece of music, often performed at social functions. These fun accessible pieces are of intermediate difficulty. ($14.00)[wpecpp id=6154]

It’s Supplementary… 10 Easy Pieces by Glenn Caluda

This collection of short pieces was written as supplementary reading material for guitar students and their teachers. Useful with any beginning guitar method, tempos, dynamics, slurs, articulations, or fingerings have been intentionally omitted. This provides opportunities for students to determine the technical and musical elements that reflect the titles. Often unusual, these pieces aim to be useful and enjoyable. ($8.00)[wpecpp id=4519]

Five Christmas Songs arranged by Ruben Delgado. Includes: Jingle Bells, Oh Holy Night, Oh Christmas Tree, Angels We Have Heard On High and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. These arrangements are derivative works in which the arranger has introduced and integrated originally composed material or settings to enhance and lengthen the beauty of each song. The arrangements are beautifully done and are welcomed additions to the Christmas repertoire. Intermediate to advanced. ($17.00) [wpecpp id=3994]

Key Studies for Classical Guitar by Kevin Vigil

Key Studies for Classical Guitar (14 Solos in 14 Keys) is intended to give intermediate guitar students the opportunity to explore the major and minor keys up to four sharps and two flats. The composer has included all three forms of the minor mode (natural, harmonic and melodic) in the minor key studies. Rhythmic values are no smaller than an eighth note and the note range extends up to the high “E” (12thfret on the first string). ($15.00) [wpecpp id=3809]

Aus der Kinderzeit “Schlummerlied” for Guitar solo by Hugo Wolf

 Aus der Kinderzeit “Schlummerlied” by Hugo Wolf was originally written for piano. This beautiful yet short piece has transcribed and arranged by Dr. Adam Kossler. ($6.00) [wpecpp id=3620]

Sonata in C Major by Sylvius Leopold Weiss and transcribed and annotated by Joseph Mayes This suite (sonata) for solo baroque lute is number twenty from the collection of Sylvius Leopold Weiss in the British Museum. It is somewhat remarkable in that the only movement that corresponds to the “standard” dances in a suite (Allemand, Courant, Saraband, Gigue) is the gigue. The overture with which the suite begins is a French Overture – That is, it begins with a stately section in dotted rhythm, then a faster section using imitation, ending with another slow section. This movement could be played alone to good effect. The original Ms is in French tablature and is very exact as to where each note should be played on the baroque lute. Unfortunately, that instrument’s tuning is different from the modem guitar as to make those note placements irrelevant for the guitar. In fingering the suite, I have tried to keep the spirit of the music as dictated by the original. The fingering I have added is meant to facilitate performance, and as such is only a suggestion. The tablature is heavily ornamented, but only indicating where to play an ornament and from which direction it should start- the exact ornament is left to the discretion of the player. I have indicated in the fingering only those ornaments which I thought obligatory for the style. Players should feel free to add their own.($13.00)[wpecpp id=”3527″ align=”right”]

Etudes Op. 19, Nos. 2 & 3 by Jean Delphin Alard and arranged by Joseph Mayes. Francisco Tárrega arranged part of Jean Delphin Alard’s Etude No. 2 for his “Estudio Brilliante,” which I played for years without considering the original model. I heard Wolfgang Lendl’s fine recording of the complete Alard study on a CD and it destroyed my contentment. I couldn’t figure out why Tárrega had left out the portions that he did, as they were some of the more guitaristic parts. I contacted Wolfgang to ask where the original could be found and he generously sent me the music. He included the music to Etude No. 3, saying that I would probably enjoy that as well. ($12.00)[wpecpp id=”3520″ align=”right”]

Suite No. 1 for solo guitar by Thomas Tudek. Three movements: Prelude, Ballad and Dance. Engaging, accessible, modern multi-meter work c. 11 minutes. Intermediate to advanced. ($12.00)[wpecpp id=”3441″ align=”right”]

Sonata by Vasiliy Antipov

A lovely picturesque three movement Neo-Romantic Sonata for the advanced student or professional, 19 pages. ($18.00)[wpecpp id=”3415″ align=”right”]

Etude by Vasiliy Antipov
A beautiful Neo-Romantic Etude for the advanced student or professional. ($7.00) Please check out this Youtube recording:[wpecpp id=”3226″ align=”right”]

Poem by Vasiliy Antipov for Solo Guitar. ($7.00)
A poetic modern post Romantic work. Please listen to this Youtube recording of this fine Russian composer and performer.[wpecpp id=”3227″ align=”right”]
Fantasia sobre motivos de La Traviata (G. Verdi) arranged by Julian Arcas and Francisco Tarrega. Transcribed and edited by Christopher Alexander. ($12.00)[wpecpp id=”3111″ align=”right”]

This new version of the controversial “Fantasia sobre Motivos de la Traviata” includes a new section composed by Francisco Tárrega. For several years scholars have debated as to whether the work was written by Francisco Tárrega or Julian Arcas. After careful review of the manuscripts, it would appear that the work was written by Arcas and expanded by Tárrega with the new section included in this score.

Suite in E minor by Johann Pachelbel, arranged for Guitar Solo by Joseph Mayes ($8.00)[wpecpp id=”3049″ align=”right”]
Soju In Seoul by Jonathan Marshall ($10.00)[wpecpp id=”2949″ align=”right”]
Soju is a popular liquor in South Korea, and it safe to say that it’s the countries’ national beverage. I had about an hour lunch everyday during my workweek, and I used this time to write Soju in Seoul at the public school where I taught in Korea. 

Mutations on Dies Irae by Glenn Caluda ($12.00)[wpecpp id=”2920″ align=”right”]

Mutations on Dies Irae is based on the well-known Gregorian chant sequence from the Requiem Mass that has been used as a basis for compositions by many composers, including Franz Liszt and Hector Berlioz. This piece uses the theme in many forms, sometimes complete, sometimes in fragments, and sometimes in tonal inversion, as in the Chorale section. It culminates in the chaos of the Furioso before returning to the resignation of the opening Adagio.


The Complete Lute Works of Ernst Gottlieb Baron (1696-1760) – ($30.00) [wpecpp name=”

Transcribed and Arranged by Manley Mallard

This collection contains fourteen suites and six separate stand-alone movements not included in any suites. The transcriber and editors of this collection have endeavored to make this substantial music available to guitarists for study and performance and to expand the collection of Baroque music for guitar. (154 p.)

Sketches of Children by Kevin Vigil, for Guitar Solo and/or Guitar and Narrator. ($25.00)[wpecpp id=”2823″ align=”right”]

Sketches of Children was inspired by the writings of my former student Monika Gallegos. These short pieces seemed to write themselves as I read the stories. Nine of these musical sketches can stand alone as solo music. The other two, Bau-zie-gaul and Mark require narration. The order of these pieces is at the performer’s discretion; however, this publication presents my preferred order when performed as a complete set. The remaining nine stories, which may be narrated, are included in a separate part. For reference, Sketches of Children was recorded on my CD Stories for Guitar (available online) and several are available as YouTube videos published by

Five Impressions for Solo Guitar by Jonathan Marshall Easy to Intermediate solos for students.($10.00)[wpecpp id=”2837″ align=”right”]

Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie arranged by Candice Mowbray ($5.00)
[wpecpp id=”2858″ align=”right”]

Halloween Trilogy by Keith Calmes ($8.00) [wpecpp id=”2378″ align=”right”]

Includes: “Transylvania and Beyond”, “Pit and the Pendulum” and “Parade of Skeletons”.

To “Transylvania and Beyond” sounds happy and innocent, but also hints at a darkness and East European exoticism. The “Pit and the Pendulum” was written after watching the 1961 movie of the same name, which was based on Poe’s book. “Parade of Skeletons” was inspired by reading a children’s book about the Day of the Dead. It depicts a band of skeletons approaching and then retreating from the listener.

Parade of Skeletons by Keith Calmes ($3.00) [wpecpp id=”2321″ align=”right”]

Three Songs Without Words by Ruben Delgado ($12.00)[wpecpp id=”2453″ align=”right”]

These three melodic songs for solo guitar are written in a popular, tonal style. They are appropriate for concerts/recitals, encores or casual gigs.

Four Solos Thumbnail
Four Solos for Guitar arranged and edited by Joseph Mayes – ($10.00)[wpecpp name=”Four Solos for Guitar” price=”10.00″ align=”right”]
Transcribed, and arranged by Joseph Mayes
A collection of four solos: Carnival Di Venice arranged by William Foden; Arioso by J. S. Bach; Sonata by Antonio Soler; O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music by Torlough O’Carolan.
Hymns and Praises arranged and edited by John Arnold – ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Hymns and Praises” price=”15.00″ align=”right”]
A collection of seven beautifully arranged solos with variations: Amazing Gracetraditional “New Britain”; Be Thou My Vision, Traditional; Change My Heart Oh God, Eddie Espinoza; Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, Ludwig v. Beethoven; Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus, William J. Kirkpatrick; As The Deer, Martin J. Nystrom; Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Helen Howarth Lemmel. For Church Services or Concerts, intermediate to advanced.
Four Christmas Carols for Guitar by Glenn Caluda ($12.00) [wpecpp name=”Four Christmas Carols (solo)” price=”12.00″ align=”right”]
As heard on the CD Christmas Music for Guitar by guitarist Adam Kossler. These Carols are elegantly and inventively reharmonized with new and interesting variations. Included are In Dulci Juubilo / Good Christian Men Rejoice; March of The Kings; Wexford Carol and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Challenging but accessible, intermediate to advanced difficulty.
Suite Homage for Guitar solo by Glenn Caluda ($14.00)[wpecpp name=”Suite Homage” price=”14.00″ align=”right”]
The Suite Homage in six movements is a heartfelt tribute to the wonders and beauties of the natural world. The six movements include: Prelude; Invocation; Chaconne; Song For The Rainforest; Meditation and CelebrationModerate difficulty.
Christmas Music for Solo Guitar arranged by Adam Kossler. Includes: Dance Arabe, Carol of The Bells, Coventry Carol and Patapan ($15.00) [wpecpp name=”Christmas Music for Solo Guitar” price=”15.00″ align=”right”]
Dances of The Dolls by Dmitri Shostakovich arranged by John Kossler. Seven movements:
Lyric Waltz, Gavotte, Romance, Polka, Waltz – scherzo, Hurdy-gurdy, and Dance. ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Dances of The Dolls” price=”15.00″ align=”right”]
Four Introspections by Glenn Caluda ($8.00)[wpecpp name=”Four Introspections” price=”8.00″ align=”right”]

Four Introspections were composed to be short exercises for the mind and ear. They are intended as an introduction to early twentieth century compositional techniques for those unfamiliar with them.  Yet, they are quite easy on the listener. They offer new eye pictures, finger formations, and sounds. without the substantial technical difficulties often encountered in modern music. These pieces may be played singly or as a group in any order desired by the performer.

Three Character Pieces by Glenn Caluda ($8.00)[wpecpp name=”Three Character Pieces” price=”8.00″ align=”right”] The three pieces in this collection portray the varying and interesting personalities of three individuals.

Four Sonatas, K. 3, K. 15. K. 63, K. 70 by Domenico Scarlatti and arranged by Adam Kossler.
($15.00)[wpecpp name=”Four Sonatas by Scarlatti” price=”15.00″ align=”right”]