3 Pieces for Three Guitars by Philip Hemmo, This three-piece collection offers late beginner level students both technical and musical challenges. This work is perfect as a concert piece for your school guitar ensemble or community group. The first movement, Danza, is set in the style of a barcarolle. The sultry nature of the rhythm, which is matched by harmonics, emphasize a lyric melody.  The second movement, Adagio, is very Baroque in feel with modern harmonies.  The last movement, Chase, is a triumphant rondeau with a lyric, ear catching melody. ($12.00)[wpecpp id=4484]

I Shall Go Softly by Will Mallard is an original work commissioned by Guitar Chamber Music Press. In 12/8 with a several meter changes this piece  is fun for the performer and will certainly please the audience. There is also an improvisational section which is optional. Intermediate to advanced. ($20.00) [wpecpp id=4141]

Journey To Peace by Will Mallard was originally for Big Band but here has been arranged for Guitar Trio. An exciting and challenging work with a section for improvisation. Multimetric with interesting rhythms. For advanced players. ($16.00)[wpecpp id=4139]

Contrapunctus No. VIII by J. S. Bach from BWV 1080. Arranged for guitar Trio by Manley Mallard. In original key of D minor. Score is 12 pages with 4 page parts. Intermediate to advanced. ($17.00)[wpecpp id=4137]

Trio in E minor TWV 42: e11 by Georg Philipp Telemann originally for two treble instruments and continuo. Arranged for Guitar Trio by Manley Mallard. Four movements: Tendrement, Viste Gay, Grave and Allegrement. Intermediate ($30.00)[wpecpp id=4135] 

Lament and Chant for Guitar Trio by Glenn Caluda ($22.00)[wpecpp id=”3285″ align=”right”]

In memory of the victims and heroes of our war torn world Lament and Chant is based on the Gregorian chant “Lux Eterna” from the Requiem Mass (for the dead) combined with a non related Lament. All motives are derived from these two themes.

An overall feeling of reverence is pervasive until the music approaches the section depicting the chaos of war, temporarily interrupted by the Chant, then resuming the chaos. Distant bells usher in the return of the pure chant which slows and then fades.

Serenata No. 5 by James Oswald, arranged for Guitar Trio by Manley Mallard ($17.00)

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Tidal Light by Wesley Hixson ($14.00)[wpecpp name=”Tidal Light” price=”14.00″ align=”right”]

Tidal Light for 3 guitars, was written by Avanti Guitar Trio guitarist/composer Wesley Hixson. Inspired by the popular Youtube video Flaring Up, Surfing with Flare, featuring world renowned surfer Bruce Irons, Tidal Light, is an aural impression of ocean sounds, from the shushing rhythm of tidal waters overlaying the shoreline to the effervescence of whitecaps crashing. A delicate main theme is shared between two guitars as one echoes the other while the third guitar supports with a rolling ostinato. In Flaring Up, surfer Bruce Irons experiments with road flares strapped to the back of his surfboard as he catches a wave at twilight creating an ethereal light show.

London Trio Cover

London Trio No. 1 by Joseph Haydn and arranged for Guitar Trio by Manley Mallard ($15.00)[wpecpp name=”London Trio No. 1″ price=”15.00″ align=”right”]

This is the first of a set of four trios, now known as the London trios, originally for the unusual combination of two flutes and cello. Haydn presented one of the trios to Earl of Abingdon and another to his host for the day, Baron Aston. The trios were befitting of these leisured English gentlemen of the time, both of whom were flute players of some ability. Intermediate difficulty.

Wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme (Sleepers awake, the voice is calling us) by J. S. Bach and arranged for Guitar Trio by Glenn Caluda. ($12.00)[wpecpp name=”Wachet auf” price=”$12.00″ align=”right”]

This arrangement of Bach’s famous organ solo is taken from the original “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”. It endeavors to remain faithful to the original while using occasional octave doubling to make it more suitable for guitar trio. Slurs and dynamics should be added at the discretion of the performers. The key has been changed from Eb to D to make it more compatible with the guitar. Intermediate difficulty.